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Quick Look: The Banking Industry Architecture Network 

Service-Oriented Architecture Standards for Banking

BIAN's Unusual Approach to Standardization

BIAN's founders recognized that standardizing technical message formats and technical interfaces falls far short of achieving desired interoperability, because the primary interoperability bottleneck is the lack of clear specifications of the semantics of the information that is to be shared.

Consequently BIAN publishes standards at the semantic level, rather than the technical level.  It is easier to work out technical-level service and data interchange when the semantics are clear and agreed-upon, than it is to work out the semantics based on technical specifications.

BIAN Architecture

BIAN specifies services via a domain-specific modeling language, based on a formal metamodel and UML profile.  David Frankel played the primary role in defining the metamodel and UML profile, and in building the modeling tool that implements the modeling language.

BIAN recently published its Service Landscape Version 2.0, the first version built with the new domain-specific modeling language. The Service Landscape has over 250 Service Domains.  In v2.0, BIAN has specified the boundaries of the Service Domains, based on capability modeling expressed via the domain-specific language.  It has also published a number of Business Scenarios, which describe how the Service Domains interact in various business contexts; the Business Scenarios are also expressed via the new modeling language.

The Service Landscape will gradually fill out, as BIAN publishes interfaces for the Service Domains.  The definitions of the interfaces will include links to definitions of the business terms that apply to the services in question -- an important aspect of the semantics-focused approach.

Assistance From David Frankel

David Frankel can help you understand the BIAN architecture, how to align your software with the BIAN standards, and how to design extensions that satisfy your requirements.

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